Al Perry’s Favorite Chants & Hulas (from vinyl LP)

Al Kealoha Perry and the Singing Surfriders “Al Perry’s Hawaiian Chants & Hulas”

Here’s a pdf of a booklet that came with the record!

It looks like that booklet was for a 78 10 inch record album with the same songs as side A. The “Chants”. I’m guessing there is also a 78 album of the “hulas” on side B..

Side One: Chants

  1. Pua Hau O Maleka
  2. Pele
  3. Kalanianaole
  4. Kalakaua
  5. Lanakila
  6. Ta-Hu-Wa-Hu-Wai

Side Two: Hulas

  1. Poki
  2. The Hula Oni Oni E
  3. Hawaiian Cowboy Polynesian Love Song
  4. Twilight In Hawaii
  5. Under A Spreading Cocoanut Tree

mp3s uploaded here as 2 sides here:

al perry cover

Click back image to view larger:


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Sol Ho’opi’i Decca sessions

Here is a complete set of the Songs Sol Ho’opi’i and His Novelty Five recorded on Decca. These were his last recordings before he started focusing on sacred music, all played on electric lap steel. These are from Australian pressings but they were released in The U.S. on Decca as well.

IMG_7748 IMG_7749 IMG_7754IMG_7750 IMG_7751 IMG_7752 IMG_7755 IMG_7753

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Louis Armstrong goes Polynesian

Here’s a couple tropical Louis Armstrong sides from 1936

Louis Armstrong with The Polynesians On A Cocoanut Island b/w To You Sweetheart Aloha Decca 914 a/B (DLA 582/DLA 581) 8/18/36

Decca 914 A (DLA 582) Decca 914 B (DLA 581)

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Dorothy Lamour with Dick McIntire’s Harmony Hawaiians

It’s Actress Dorothy Lamour Singing with Dick McIntire’s Harmony Hawaiians in a Decca album of 78s recorded on 10/20 and 10/26 of 1943!

IMG_7543 IMG_7544 IMG_7545 IMG_7546 IMG_7547 IMG_7548 IMG_7553 IMG_7552 IMG_7551 IMG_7550 IMG_7549

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Fascinating Rhythm b/w Twelfth Street Rag

Sol Hoopii and His Novelty Five perform Fascinating Rhythm b/w Twelfth Street Rag

1938, 78rpm  record, Decca 1666/1668

Decca DLA.1668 B Decca DLA.1666 A

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