Phono-Cylinders Volume 2

Just found this record. A re-pressing of old cylinders from Folkways. I transferred these mp3s straight from the vinyl. Below are mp3s of the record. (this collection may technically be still protected by copyright.. get it now before someone tells me to take it down)

Here’s a PDF of the linear notes with a history of early recordings.


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Theodore Roosevelt on Victor 78 and Blue Amberol Cylinders

Here are several Theodore Roosevelt Speeches I own on Edison Cylinders and Victor 12 inch 78rpm records. These were recorded around 1912 when he was  running for president against William Taft and Woodrow Wilson as the leader of teh Progressive Party (aka The Bull Moose Party)

The video below is the The Liberty of the People played on an acoustic Victor VV-IV Phonograph with a Victor #2 Reproducer:

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