Doris’s audio letters from her admirers

I found these personal records at a junk store. They appear to both be to the same woman named Doris. One is an audio letter from 3 young men to 3 young women (including Doris) expressing gratitude for a lovely past weekend with a bit of humor. This record has 2 sides. The 3rd is a single sided record that seems to have been recorded at a “Voice-o-Graph” booth in Atlantic City, in which Bob proposes to Doris. This one was recorded in 1946, so I’ll guess that the other was slightly earlier.


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Rockaways’ Playland souvenir personal records

Here are 4 custom 6 inch souvenir records I recently found that were made at Rockaways’ Playland, an amusement park that no longer exists. The 4 records look the same, and only one of them had anything written on it, “Sept 6 1949 Addie & Anna singing to Geo and Will” The song on that one is easily identifiable as “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love, Baby”. The others are harder to identify. Although a google search led to a 1967  newspaper clipping attributing “Heart of a fool” to “Terrence Pelletier”

“Heart Of A Fool  In the heart of a fool that is broken  And tossed like a ship at sea, There’s a story old That’s never been told Of the wreck you made of me. Like a baby will break all its playthings, You broke love’s golden rule. Though you’ve been untrue, There’s a prayer still for you Down in the heart of a fool.  TERRENCE PELLETIER Greenfield”

… Obviously the song was around before 1967 if this lady at Rockaways Playland knew the melody in 1949 (assuming all 4 records were made around the same time)

Rockaways' Playland Souvenir Record

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