Edison Diamond discs

Here are some more Edison Diamond Discs I’ve acquired. (I describe the format and transfer process in this previous post)

Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra, Smiles, Then Kisses b/w Louise and Ferreira, Hapa Haole Hula Girl, 1916

Billy Murray, Frenchy Come to Yankee Land b/w Premier Quartet, Jazzola 1919

Paul Victorin’s Orchestra, Louisville Lou b/w Kaplan’s Melodists, The Duck’s Quack (A Barnyard Jamboree) 1923

Judas’ Society Orchestra City of Dreams – Foxtrot b/w  Beautiful Ohio Waltz 1919

Broadway Dance Orchestra, The Sheik b/w Club De Vingt Orchestra, Senorita – Spanish Fox Trot

Edison Diamond Disc 1 Edison Diamond Disc

Edison Diamond Disc  50555-L Edison Diamond Disc  50555-R

The Sheik record seems to be missing it’s label, but the record number it etched in the surface:



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