Liberty Bell March b/w At a Georgia Camp Meeting

You Know The Liberty Bell March as the Theme from Monty Python.. Here we have it on an Edison Diamond Disc.

Edison Diamond Discs were Edison’s attempt at joining the flat disc market after sticking to cylinders for a long time. They are big heavy quarter inch thick discs that need to be played on a special type of phonograph because the waves in the grooves move up and down rather than side to side. You can play it on a modern DJ type turntable by switching the polarization of a stereo recording (either by physically swapping the little wires in the stylus or by using sound editing software) and converting it to mono, which makes a lot of the noise cancel itself out and improves the fidelity. I’ve done all that for you here, but it’s still a scratchy old record.

Here’s The New York Military Band Performing The Liberty Bell March b/w At a Georgia Camp Meeting

1917/1916 Edison Diamond Disc #50636 L/R

you can see the label is actually etched into the surface of the record:

Edison Diamond Disc 50636-R

Edison Diamond Disc 50636-L

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