Some weird custom records

I don’t know much about these records I found at the junk store other than the fact that they are recorded on audiodisc blanks… which means these are one of a kind and not mass produced. All of them are single sided with blank backs (other than what appears to be some test cutting on the back of one record) They seem to be demos from unknown artists.. Probably recorded on these discs as they were performed… possibly these are copies of other records.  Anyway, have a look at the labels and listen to the tunes. Maybe someone on the internet will know something about them.


Break My Heart Gently

Fickle Baby

Phyllis Moore

” Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve seen” This partial song was cut onto the back on the above “Phyllis Moore” record:


That's Me Without You

There'll Never Be Another You

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Rockaways’ Playland souvenir personal records

Here are 4 custom 6 inch souvenir records I recently found that were made at Rockaways’ Playland, an amusement park that no longer exists. The 4 records look the same, and only one of them had anything written on it, “Sept 6 1949 Addie & Anna singing to Geo and Will” The song on that one is easily identifiable as “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love, Baby”. The others are harder to identify. Although a google search led to a 1967  newspaper clipping attributing “Heart of a fool” to “Terrence Pelletier”

“Heart Of A Fool  In the heart of a fool that is broken  And tossed like a ship at sea, There’s a story old That’s never been told Of the wreck you made of me. Like a baby will break all its playthings, You broke love’s golden rule. Though you’ve been untrue, There’s a prayer still for you Down in the heart of a fool.  TERRENCE PELLETIER Greenfield”

… Obviously the song was around before 1967 if this lady at Rockaways Playland knew the melody in 1949 (assuming all 4 records were made around the same time)

Rockaways' Playland Souvenir Record

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H.M.S. Pinafore, 1947 Carnegie Hall

I found this record at the Housing Works Bookstore in SOHO. The recording is on a 10 inch metal disc with some sort of a plastic surface. The surface was flaking off so the recording is only partial. But it is really good quality. I am guessing it is a commissioned copy of a recording from the Carnegie Hall’s library. From what I’ve heard, in the 40’s and earlier record labels etc sometimes made one-off lathe cut copies of out of print recordings. If it is a one-of-a-kind recording of some sort, you are welcome internet. The number 3 at the top makes me think it was part of a set of the whole performance.. But I only found the one damaged record.

Carnegie _Pop_ Concerts

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