Al Perry’s Favorite Chants & Hulas (from vinyl LP)

March 1st, 2016 by jim

Al Kealoha Perry and the Singing Surfriders “Al Perry’s Hawaiian Chants & Hulas”

Here’s a pdf of a booklet that came with the record!

It looks like that booklet was for a 78 10 inch record album with the same songs as side A. The “Chants”. I’m guessing there is also a 78 album of the “hulas” on side B..

Side One: Chants

  1. Pua Hau O Maleka
  2. Pele
  3. Kalanianaole
  4. Kalakaua
  5. Lanakila
  6. Ta-Hu-Wa-Hu-Wai

Side Two: Hulas

  1. Poki
  2. The Hula Oni Oni E
  3. Hawaiian Cowboy Polynesian Love Song
  4. Twilight In Hawaii
  5. Under A Spreading Cocoanut Tree

mp3s uploaded here as 2 sides here:

al perry cover

Click back image to view larger:


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