March 8th, 2014 by jim

This is where I post transfers I’ve made of old 78rpm and cylinder records. You can use the search function or click on the tags to the left to find particular artists. This is just my personal collection. The records are of varied quality and time periods, and by no means is this a comprehensive collection. Enjoy and feel free to listen online or download the tracks. Enjoy! -Jim

Oh hey. By the way. I’m looking for a couple rare Sol Hoopii records? I’m trying to complete my collection of some of the records not available online. Even just mp3 transfers of 78s (although I might be interested in  buying original 78s too). here is my list of songs I haven’t found yet. You can contact me at

You can download mp3s in these posts by right-clicking (PC) or control-clicking (mac) the song titles.

Disclaimer: Many of these tracks may still be under copyright, but my goal here is to share music that is unavailable elsewhere.. If you are a copyright owner or know of an official release, let me know and I’ll remove the post. Thanks!

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